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Founded in 2003, Readix, Inc. has a proven record of successful engineering solutions delivered to various U.S Government Agencies and to companies around the world on time and on budget with the highest quality and level of support. Its expertise in custom engineering allows it to offer its clients solutions that precisely fit their needs. The integration of its engineering, management, consulting, and communications services, supported by a reliable group of partners, gives it the ability to provide an end-to-end turn-key solution saving our clients the time and the costs involved in dealing with different vendors
Readix INFRA was formed in 2010 to serve the need for reliable, time critical  sourcing of industrial components, in particular for Oil & Gas, in Latin America.  Leveraging its technical knowhow, supply chain expertise and strategic geographical location, Readix INFRA is ideally positioned to become a trusted partner  having the ability to quickly assess and review client needs, provide viable options and deliver the needed product with complete traceability and local support.


To become the trusted partner of our clients for critical, high priority industrial components allowing them to meet their project goals while become a key differentiator.
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